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"I’ve spent the last week or so doing just that while at work as I did a bit more research into the website, and I can honestly say I didn’t read a bad comic. Sure there were some that weren’t to my taste, but quality was never a concern. It may be a challenge for those creating the comics to tell a compelling story within three pages, but it is a challenge that has been met with each new hyper epic that I have read."


"A True and Unique Vision of a Comic Book Website"

"I would say that this website is pioneering in terms of layout and detail. The content posted is just what we want as comic book readers, it isn’t spammed with ads, and is consistently being updated with new comics and interviews on a daily basis. I would suggest Hyper Epics to anyone who is interested in not only a great read, but for those who are beginning a career in graphic design."


"Nicely done, this concept is well thought out, and these comics cater to just about anyone.  As a whole, all stories included, I rate the “Hyper Epics” anthology website 4.9 out of 5 Geek-Heads!" 


"It all started out of necessity. Hundreds of story ideas rampaging through my mind. Surely, it was not realistic to churn out a screenplay for each concept nor produce a graphic novel per idea. It would take an endless budget or a hundred Kevin Feiges! So the question at hand: do these stories find life or do they disappear into the ether? Never to be heard from again. I decided I would not bow to the realm of lost tales..."

Aaron Iara: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this week. Please tell the readers a bit about yourself and the work you do.

Tom: I appreciate the opportunity! My name is Tom Hoover, founder of Hyper Epics, an anthology series where each story is 3 pages long and features an accompanying original score track.


The primary goal for our stories is to offer a bold, imaginative tale in a compact format, telling a complete story in just 3 pages. A creative challenge to be sure, but with over 50+ stories already published, I feel we have proven that it can be done. So there is unlimited potential going forward.


3 Pages. That’s all the space that up-and-coming creators have to tell a big, powerful story in Hyper Epics. The webcomic explores everything from westerns and sci-fi to horror and drama, all in three page increments. This novel concept has paved the way for some pretty cool comics in bite-sized chunks.

The page limit is certainly a challenge for something like this, but in most cases, creators are able to use it to enhance the story. There’s no waste in these tales as you have to get right to the point. The creators are able to quickly establish characters, flesh out an entire world, and give you a story full of twists and turns.

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