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Father Thomas Vollor, a Catholic priest in Del Fuego, Florida, prowls the night as Saint Raguel, an avenging angel devoted to the fight against human trafficking and abuse of all kinds.


Issue 5

Read the blistering conclusion of, Saint Raguel: non per speciem (part 2).   Where the inferno rages on.


Issue 4

non per speciem: The streets are on fire with vigilantes seeking revenge.   But who will speak for the innocent when all are deemed guilty?


Issue 3

SUFFER THE CHILDREN: Raguel steps in where law enforcement will not.  The question is: will those being rescued even want to be saved?


Issue 2

A LIVING SACRIFICE: Saint Raguel risks his life to stop a human trafficking network and rescue the forgotten.


Issue 1

Behold the origin story of the crime-fighting priest, Saint Raguel.  Find out what it is that fuels his rage. And his turmoil.

Armond Boudreaux is the author of Forbidden Minds: The Way Out, the first novel in a sci-fi thriller series from Uproar Books. A professor of English, he lives in Georgia with his wife and five children. He once outsold a Stephen King book on Amazon, and he’s never going to stop telling people about it.

J. Schiek is a comic artist and professor of illustration currently living and working out of Southern California. His work has appeared in numerous anthologies, including The Death of The Horror Anthology from A Wave Blue World. He currently has numerous pitches in circulation, and one due for active production in 2021. You can find out more about J and his artwork at his website:

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