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Our short "Hyper Epics"--all of them a mere three pages long, but packed with excitement, heart and action--are a throwback to what comic book stories used to be--and can be again. 


As a pretty fair country writer named William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, "Brevity is the soul of wit." If that's true--and who are we to doubt the Bard--these tales you're about to enjoy on this website may well be among the most clever and entertaining you've ever read.


At least we hope so. We've tried our best to entertain you in the most concise (and precise) manner we know. Now it's up to you, Dear Reader. Let us know if we succeeded. 


We won't bore you anymore with this introduction. Wonderful excursions into fantasy await you. And we wouldn't want this introduction to last longer than one of our stories, would we?



Tom Hoover Producer/Publisher 

Thomas A. Tuna Managing Editor

Welcome to the newest way to enjoy the best of illustrated fiction or, as we like to say, comic book stories.

About Tom Hoover

Author/Producer from NJ, Tom has an unending passion for the creative arts and all the possibilities that comes with it!  Having produced award-winning films and published multiple books, Tom is keen on exploring new avenues to tell stories in an effort to inspire and energize others.  Learn more about Tom's work on

About Thomas Tuna

Industry veteran Thomas Tuna brings his talents to Hyper Epics as both a writer and managing editor.  A natural storyteller with a keen feel for comic book craftsmanship, Thomas's background in the industry goes back to the 1970's - a time when comics were indeed epic.

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