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Welcome to the "Hyper Space"

Welcome to the first edition of what we here at Hyper Epics like to call "Hyper Space". Consider yourself fortunate--it isn't every day you're in on the ground floor of something special.

This space will be devoted--as often as we can get around to writing it--to background info and interesting tidbits of our stable of artists and writers, as well as previews of what to expect from our merry band of creators.

If this sounds more than a little like a column that was once penned by the immortal Stan Lee over at Marvel Comics (Stan called his piece "Bullpen Bulletins"), then give yourself a gold star. Think of this column as our homage to the master, without whom none of us would be doing this work we love so much.

So, in case you're reading this, Stan: Thanks a lot!

So, without further ado (always wanted to write that!), Let's get into what we have in store for you--our new readers--and what our creative team has been up to in other areas as well.

First and foremost, welcome to this--our brand-new website--that is a work in progress, but which is already a good example of what to expect from us in the future. Be sure to check out our main page for several stirring tales by our producer and publisher Tom Hoover--"Not Of This World" (with art by Roy Canlas); "Snapshot" (artwork by M.M. Markovic--also known around here as Marko); and "The Set" (with art by Warren Muzak). Winners all!

And, speaking of Tom, Hyper Epics is his brainchild, stemming from his lifelong passion for the creative arts. Besides his award-winning films and multiple books, he heads up another website that's definitely worth a look-see: Enjoy the trip!

Another staffer--managing editor Thomas Tuna--is not only keeping busy writing dynamic three-page stories of flight and fancy, but he's also the proofreader and copy editor for a new arts publication, Alternative Canvas Magazine. Check out the first two issues of the mag by Googling "alternative canvas magazine". See, that was easy!

And, one of our sterling artists, Jared Lamp, is not only turning out eye-popping layouts and finishes for our writers (including the soon-to-come "The Soaring", with script by the aforementioned Mr. Tuna), but he also has worked on the blackly satirical series "Man Vs. Rock". He's also writing and illustrating a full-length horror graphic novel.

And we wouldn't want to end this first column without thanking you--our new readers and, hopefully, our fans. Please let us know what you think of our efforts. Comments, criticisms and kind words are all welcome.

We're trying to change the face of the comic book universe--three pages at a time. Come along for the ride!


Tom Hoover


Thomas A. Tuna

Managing Editor

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1 Comment

Jan 30, 2018

Love the comic books! I am a new fan for life! Love the take on the storylines! Can't wait to read more! =) xoxo

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