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Welcome to another installment of Hyper Space--

-the only place you can enjoy the ramblings from the talented members of the Hyper Epics bullpen.

We wanted keep you--our faithful readers (with more than a few new readers sprinkled among you!)--up to date on the activities behind the Hyper Curtain.

As you have noticed no doubt by now (at least, we hope you noticed!), our website has grown in both scope and stature.

The newest addition is our Shop Talk column, where we interview local, regional and national comic book store owners to get their take on all things relevant to today's comics scene. Be sure to click on our most recent interview with Jeff Beck, owner of New Jersey's East Side Mags and see what this insider has to say about the industry. If you love comics, this column is for you!

And don't forget all the new stories showcased on our main page just for your enjoyment. Be sure to read "The Last Believer", "The Remnant" and "Dog-Eat-Dog World"--three-page gems that run the gamut from science-fiction to fantasy to horror. All three stem from the imaginations of managing editor Thomas Tuna and artists Armand Roy Canlas, Marko Markovich and John Airo. Winners all!

And, as if that wasn't enough, don't miss out on such future classics as "The Soaring" and "Time Enough To Die"--by Tuna and artist Jared Lamp--and "The Tooth Of The Matter"--by Tuna and illustrator Warren Muzak--set to headline our website in the days and weeks to come.

And we really want to thank all of you who have enjoyed our little tales of wonder and have posted such kind comments on our efforts. Keep those cards and, emails...coming, folks. It would get lonely here without you!

Well, back to the drawing boards. Deadline calls!


Tom Hoover,


Thomas A. Tuna

Managing Editor



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