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There's Something Special About Holding A Comic Book...

Hyper Epics, the website, recently gave birth.

And the offspring--a labor of love if there ever was one-- is the premiere issue of Hyper Epics, The Comic Book. This initial graphic novel from our creative Clubhouse is the logical progression from the illustrated fiction we have been bringing you on this website for the past several months now.

Everyone on staff--headed by publisher and producer Tom Hoover--wanted to make sure as many. readers as possible had the chance to enjoy our imaginative tales and so: Here we are! We like to think there's something special--magical even!--about actually holding a comic book in your hands, turning the pages and watching the fantasy come alive right before your eyes.

And Tom's vision of three-page stories is what drives us and makes us unique. This vision was--and still is--to return to the Golden Age style of comics: To tell outstanding stories of derring-do, fantasy and other worlds in just three pages. No more, no less. Hyper Epics indeed. And this graphic novel--told in anthology-type installments--is our latest venture toward accomplishing our ultimate goal: To bring you the very best illustrated tales of otherworldly grandeur that we can. Our stable of artists and writers are hard at work producing these mini-epics and we hope you read, enjoy and share these excursions into the worlds we're envisioning for you.

We truly believe the sky's the limit for Hyper Epics. Our website is becoming more defined, more established every week, with 3-page epics for every comic book taste. And graphic novels like this one are just the tip of the imagination iceberg we have in store for you.

So, please enjoy this first Hyper Epics graphic novel!

Click here to order and be the first on your block--or Timeverse--to own and savor one.

Thanks for reading. Believe us--speaking for everyone in our insanely talented Clubhouse--the pleasure was all ours.


Tom Hoover,


Thomas A. Tuna

Managing Editor



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