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The creative team here at Hyper Epics loves what it's doing, and we wanted to share a little insight into ourselves, our backgrounds and why we do what we do. Always remember: We do this for you--our faithful readers--and we'd be lost with out you. So please, send us your comments--good and bad--for what you want to see on this website. You're the real editors here, and we want to hear from you! Always, thanks!


Tom Hoover Producer/Publisher An author and producer from New Jersey, Tom has an unending passion for the creative arts and all the possibilities that come with it. Having produced award-winning films and published multiple books, Tom is keen on exploring new avenues to tell stories in an effort to inspire and energize others. Learn more about his work by logging onto Thomas A. Tuna Managing Editor Industry veteran Thomas Tuna brings his talents to Hyper Epics as both a writer and managing editor. A natural storyteller with a keen feel for comic book craftsmanship, Thomas's background in the industry goes back to the 1970s--a time when comics were indeed epic. He also manages to serve as proofreader and copy editor for a new publication, Alternative Canvas Magazine. ARTISTS Jared Lamp is a freelance illustrator best known for his work on the blackly satirical series "Man Vs. Rock" as well as contributing to "UnPresidential." He is currently writing and illustrating a full-length horror graphic novel. Warren Muzak--An artist who became excited by comics at an early age, Warren remembers being inspired by a Wally Wood-illustrated strip in Mad Magazine. "It was perfection and I wanted to create THAT kind of stuff," he recalls. That drive led him to other greats of the medium--including John Buscema, John Byrne, Frank Miller and Bernie Wrightson. He admits being inspired by such classics as Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror and other EC 1950s-era horror and suspense magazines. Marko Markovic--Marko has more than 10 years of experience in painting. He has done a number of oils and illustrations, as well as contributing to the game and movie industry. His comic book background includes working as an illustrator for a comic book developer and book publisher. Marko subsequently moved from traditional to digital art, doing UI and icons for games, and producing illustrations, storyboards and commercial art.

Jon Nielsen--Jon, who lives in Portland Ore. with his "small but formidable family", says he been drawing "silly pictures and putting them on the internet" for at least a decade. He's also known for his long-running webcomic, Massive Pwnage, and for LOOK, his first graphic novel. When he's not drawing comics or animating short cartoons for YouTube, he works at his local library, putting books away, and occasionally getting lost in the graphic novel section.

John Airo--A Chicago native, John says he's an artist whose main discipline is painting, adding that he "makes art out of an absolute need to." Drawing on his experiences at the School of the Art Institute in the Windy City, John focuses a lot of his energy on acrylics, pushing the medium from thinned-out watercolor techniques to heavy layering in order to add texture and mimic the richness of oil paint.

Giovanni Fim--This is Giovanni's first foray into creating comic books for the Internet. A freelance illustrator and concept artist for indie game companies, he says he has been greatly influenced by such video games as Half-Life and Quake, but he loves comics "because of the depth of the stories and the lore we can create."



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