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Meet Artist Dean Kotz...

Originally from rural Northeastern PA, Dean studied Painting at West Chester University and has been working professionally in comics since 2009.  He's drawn comic books about white trash zombies (Trailer Park of Terror), holiday-themed horror (Krampus!), pulp adventurers (the Red Panda), a family of witches (Charmed), and a crime-solving poet (Poe).  He's also worked as a video game concept artist and frequently does illustrations for role-playing and other tabletop games.  Currently, he lives with his girlfriend in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and is drawing an original sci-fi graphic novel for Insight Editions and a true crime mini-series for Dark Horse Comics. 



(Q) What first drew you to comic books? Do you recall the first book(s) you bought and savored?

Dean: I discovered my older brother's stash of '70s DC and Charlton horror comics and fell in love with the medium. (As a personal aside, Hyper Epics managing editor Thomas Tuna cut his eye teeth writing horror and war comics for Charlton back in the '70s and can empathize with Dean's affection for the line).


(Q) What's your artistic background? Formal training?

Dean: I have a BFA in painting from West Chester University.


(Q) What are your favorite comic book genres (super-hero, adventure, science-fiction, fantasy, horror)?

Dean: My favorite comic genres are horror, fantasy and sword-and-sorcery.


(Q) Which comic-book artists (past or present) do you admire most? Why?

Dean: I really admire Jose Louis Garcia-Lopez.  His storytelling and environments are so creative, and he perfectly balances every page.

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