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Home of the 3 page comics, Hyper Epics is an anthology series that offers inspiring stories packed with stunning artwork, memorable characters, and captivating stories. 

And it's all free.




Genre: Science Fiction | Art by Seb Valencia | Story by Thomas Tuna & Tom Hoover

Architect Victoria Larsen has a plan to save the future of humankind once and for all - but will anyone see the shocking deliverance coming?


Genre: Action | Art by Jared Lamp | Written by Thomas Tuna | Concept by Tom Hoover

Come jam with a rock star turned vigilante who fights crime while on tour! #80srock


Genre: Horror | Story by Joe Donohue | Art by J. Paul Schiek

A grieving family man embraces the rising darkness in the world.


Genre: Science Fiction | Art by Giovanni Fim | Written by Chris Carson Emmons

Behold the retelling of a literary classic...in 3 pages!


Genre: Horror | Art by Sean Bova | Written by Thomas Tuna

This classic diner holds a stunning secret...a daily special that you will be sure to remember!


Genre: Science Fiction | Art by Jared Lamp | Story by Thomas Tuna

The Galactic Circus is nearly bankrupt.  It is up to the cunning Ringmaster to find a new spectacle.


Genre: Science Fiction | Art by Giovanni Fim | Story by Vinicius Michelin

A young man finds a virtual refuge in the wasteland of the future.

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