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Our short "Hyper Epics"--all of them a mere three pages long with their own soundtracks -- are packed with excitement, heart and action; a throwback to what comic book stories used to be and can be again!!



Genre: Science Fiction | Art by Sean Bova | Written by Chris Carson Emmons

A winning contest ticket offers a trip to the moon.  Though for this mother and her son, their good fortune is rocked when space marauders attack their ship.


Genre: Fantasy | Art by Kimberley Warne & Emmanuel Briones | Story by Dillon Gilbertson

Anger defined his family history. Now he plans to define himself.


Genre: Drama | Art and Story by J. Paul Schiek

Finalist of the Platform Comics Short Comics Competition, this creative and dramatic adaptation by J. Paul is not to be missed!


Genre: Science Fiction/Action | Art by Ryan Best | Story by Jeff Mariotte

K'rann is Earth's last hope against the transhuman gladiators of the future.  Will the secret she keeps help her stay alive?


Genre: Science Fiction | Art by Justin Stockenstroom | Colors by Nicole Balsley | Story by Thomas Tuna

A serum for immortality gives new meaning to a life sentence.


Genre: Thriller | Art by Sean Bova | Written by Chris Carson Emmons

Injustice is taken on a wild ride in this high-octane thriller!

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