Genre: Horror Comedy | Art by J. Paul Schiek | Story by Joe Donohue

Because let's face it - who hasn't had a nightmarish trip to the supermarket in recent times?


Genre: Western | Art by Gil Murillo | Story by John Staats

The homage comic series continues with a new threat emerging from the depths.


Genre: Crime Drama | Art by Justin Stockenstroom | Written by Thomas Tuna

Twists and turns abound for a criminal in the future.  Hop aboard the Carousel!


Genre: Science Fiction | Art by Christopher Gomez | Story by Julius Freeman

A maniacal establishment finds an off-world solution to Earth's woes.  It turns out we were easily conned.


Genre: Horror | Art by J. Paul Schiek | Written by Joe Donohue

A group of friends dare each other to find out if a dark legend is true. 


Genre: Science Fiction | Story by Thomas Tuna | Art by Naomi Reinhart

An artifact hunter uses time travel to forge a lucrative business.  But with great fortune comes a greater cost.


Genre: Western | Art by Jared Lamp | Written by Tom Hoover

We venture to the old west to witness the testing of the first bullet proof vest.   Blood will be spilled.


Genre: Horror | Story by Joe Donohue | Art by J. Paul Schiek

A grieving family man embraces the rising darkness in the world.


Genre: Science Fiction | Story by Thomas Tuna | Art by Ignacio Aníbal Di Meglio | Concept by Tom Hoover

After the fallout of the next world war, a Doctor emerges to help the people.  Though the cost might very well be their souls...


Genre: Science Ficton | Art by Seb Valencia | Written byThomas Tuna | Concept by Tom Hoover

The future is a return to the past, where humans return to idol worship.  Only these demigods are not who you think they are...


Genre: Science Ficton | Art by Armand Roy Canlas | Written by Chris Carson Emmons

A young man leaves the technological world behind him, but soon finds himself hunted for doing so.


Genre: Drama/Action | Art by J. Paul Schiek | Written by Chris Carson Emmons

A game show of the future pits citizen vs. citizen who fight to the death to erase their debt.  How far would you go?

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